Statement of principles - No War But The Class War

Statement of principles of the 1991 No War But The Class War group.

Submitted by Spassmaschine on August 14, 2009


1.1 NWBCW is an organisation opposed to all sides in the current capitalist war in the Middle East. This conflict is a battle between alliances of blood-stained capitalist mass murderers for profit, power and influence. Democratic or military, Zionist or Islamic, all states involved in the current conflict, whatever their relative military strengths, are equally anti-working class.

1.2 We are for the destruction of the morale and military capacity of all the warring states by the escalation of the war of our class - the proletariat, the workers and dispossessed of all countries - against the enemy class - the rich, the politicians and generals - on all fronts, including the home fronts.

1.3 We are for an immediate end to the war, to be forced on the opposing states by mass strikes and other forms of working class action.

1.4 We are for united international action against the war, on a class basis, and not on the basis of pacifiism, or on calls for the capitalists to stop being butchers. We do not plead with the gangsters of Westminster, Washington and Baghdad - we make it clear that they will not stop until we force them to stop.

1.5 We support working class action against austerity measures, health and welfare cuts, internment and repression in general resulting from the war effort.

1.6 We are against organisations who spread illusions in the ability of capitalism to solve the problems of the Middle East, who promote sanctions instead of war, since sanctions are simply another way of pursuing the war aims of the Western alliance, a way of starving workers to soften them up, or those who support the West's nationalist opponents in the Middle East on the basis of 'anti-imperialism'. We are against those who simply call for peace without taking she side of the proletariat in the class war. When capitalism achieves peace, it uses it to attack the working class. We are against the Labour Party and its equivalents in other countries, as a capitalist party which has supported every war since its foundation, and against all those who support it in any way.

1.7 We will work with other groupings and individuals to the extent that they oppose all sides in the war on a class basis, and that they are not simply trying to use our group us "front" for their own specific polities. We may also work with genuine opponents of the war who do not support either side in any way, but who disagree with other aspects of our politics. In any case, we shall defend prisoners taken hostage as a result of the war.

1.8 We are for the destruction of the international dictatorship of capitalism by the working class, and its replacement by an association of producers, a world without states, frontiers and wage slavery, a world where war in impossible.


2.1 NWBCW is a propaganda group. Its activities are in the public domain. Its activities include producing propaganda attacking the capitalist war effort, participating in demonstrations to attempt to radicalise them where practical, and to use them to defend our class opposition to war where not, exposing media disinformation, and denouncing the war for what it is - a holocaust for profit.

Taken from the Practical History website.