University Worker - strike bulletin of the 2018-2020 lecturers disputes


Mar 3 2018 17:32

Look see at some point. Always appreciate seinf this stuff. Thanx for posting

Chilli Sauce
Mar 4 2018 17:00

Thanks for posting that up, R.

R Totale
Mar 12 2018 10:24
Apr 19 2018 18:30

I wonder what people make of the Notes From Below post strike defeat suggestions for maintaining the 'fighting spirit ' and militant links forged during the strike here:
which seem to be endorsement of falling back on a traditional UCU rank and file democratisation agenda mixed in with a couple of unrelated dual union suggestions??

May 5 2018 12:49

There are some explanations of how and why the poor deal was eventually accepted by the majority of the UCU members here;
but doesn't say much about organising for the future as such.

May 10 2018 13:55

So this third 'after strike' set of comments seems more interesting in so far as there is maybe a potential basis for future action across the academic/non-academic and union divisions?

R Totale
Jun 3 2019 20:04

For anyone who's interested, people are now trying to relaunch this as a blog:

One important step in that process will be the sharing of ideas, debates, and discussions relating to union business and industrial struggle within the post-16 education sector. It is for this purpose that we are re-launching the University and College Worker, this time as a blog to help facilitate this process. Born in the 2018 USS strike as The University Worker, it was a bulletin that published accounts by workers about the strike locally and encouraged the sharing of ideas and tactics between different local activists. It was the also a facebook group which brought together thousands of union members and was at the origin of the 11,000 strong petition that opposed the selling out of the strike half way through by Hunt’s leadership. This bulletin will not be the solution to the lack of an existing rank and file network, nor does it claim to become it in the future, but we hope that it can become a platform for debate on strategy and tactics, a place for university and college workers to share reports from their local campaigns and build connections nationally, and re-energise member engagement with the union outside of elections.

Aug 22 2019 17:40

I note that there are now further attempts to undermine the Local Government Pensions for non-academic staff as reported here:

R Totale
Aug 22 2019 18:47

Going to be a strike ballot starting over pay, which I think is a joint one between UCU and the non-academic staff unions (Unite, Unison, GMB etc): Hard to find much about it though. Looking at my post above, it would be helpful if the promised relaunch of the University and College Worker had actually happened, which there doesn't seem to be much sign of at the moment...