A way ahead for a new peace movement

A way ahead for a new peace movement

The first pamphlet published by the Scottish Solidarity group in June 1966 about the anti-war and antinuclear weapons movements.


  • Peace meal – George Williamson
  • Scots against war – John Thomson
  • Sabotage – 3 ex-servicemen
  • Spying for peace – Alan Parker
  • A way ahead – ex-Committee of 100 members
  • Revival and survival
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Nov 18 2017 11:53


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Splits and Fusions
Jan 4 2022 17:54

This was Solidarity Scotland pamphlet no1.
Solidarity Scotland pamphlet no3 is "Introduction to the Left".
Does anyone know what pamphlet no2 was?

Jan 5 2022 10:10

I've not seen any reference to it on a quick skim, Cdde Splits.

Possibly there are references to it in some of the many Solidarity mags from the time?