"What are the drums saying, Booker?" - Adolph L. Reed Jr.

Adolph Reed's hilarious and biting criticism of Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates and the concept of the "black intellectual."

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Tom Jennings
Nov 26 2011 08:13

Doesn't seem to be a text associated with this title !

Nov 26 2011 14:23

Yeah, I uploaded a pdf but it doesn't seem to have been uploaded. I made an edit and put a link to the file but it is still "pending moderation."

Joseph Kay
Nov 27 2011 00:21

Should be fixed now! the edit just needed approving by an admin

Nov 27 2011 02:46

Thank you!

Jan 8 2012 21:10

This looks really interesting. I loved "Black Particularity Reconsidered", will have to give this a read.

Jun 20 2013 17:50

the concept is good idea,,black intellectual,,it emphasize a strong and solid intellectual.

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Calvin P. Creger
Jan 28 2014 06:31

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