The woman in present society

A anarcha-feminist call to arms to working class women, published in Italian in Argentina in January 1896.

Submitted by rotundmanchild on February 18, 2018

The woman in the present society is the victim destined to tantrums, to passions, and, more often than not, to the tyranny of man. None is more unjust than the artificially inequality stability between man and woman. It starts with giving them a very limited education; it continues then with domestic life, where the woman is destined to service of the man; later in the social scale, the woman is considered inferior to the man, unworthy of whatever thing there is; all this to maintain the woman in a state of economic and moral dependence to the man. The imperfect and awful education, the difference of the work, more or less degrading, that is destined to them, the salary most miserable and the prostitution that waits for her when she does not find he who is vigil of her existence.


There does not exist a situation more tragic than that of a poor girl; the jobs that she finds are few, and many times are weaves stretched for her damnation. But this is not all; to take care of her own physical existence, she comes that to love and to be loved, to find someone to confide herself, to be content with the delicacies of life; but simply, naïve, trustworthy, accepts the hand of the first that solicits it, devoting herself entirely the life to his happiness. But she does not find other than deceit, egoism, calculation, to abuse her lowest weakness; and the man does not keep that irony and disdain. And the harsh woman for the necessity to love and lower her dignity, for instinct of conservation, becomes then untrustworthy, astute, hypocritical, hiding her emotions and deceiving. Innocence is vanished, every moral sentiment, lost; disconnected from everything the society attributes to them the blame; she does not find any that brings them solace to their pains; so fighting in this miserable situation, nothing remains but to prostitute themselves.

Who are those that fighting until the end, are removed from life?

Many others, obligated by the present environment, have retreated from society because abandoned by their own relatives, that together to society, believes it guilty. And in front of this spectacle, you bourgeoisie, attribute prostitution, origin of vice and of the corruption of a certain number of individuals of both sexes, and you affirm that if these were not born, prostitution would not exist.

There are for you a number of people that train in prostitution, helping themselves to whatever may be half, to throw the victim into the abyss; being this speculation became presently like all the others.

Of all the industries, this is the most despicable, the most lucrative.

There are to you houses especially consecrated to prostitution, where the shameful girl or the woman, leave their address to be ready to be called to some customer… an army of brokers, of commissioners, are employed in this ignominious industry, bringing with him the desperation and the pain of so many families, prostituting their daughters.

It is so, Misters Bourgeois! It is not vice or corruption that is the origin of prostitution, if not other your infamous regime and your iniquities. Your Bourgeoisie are the cause! Maintaining the woman in ignorance and in the belief of her weakness, dictating laws noxious to the woman, making believe the unconscious people that the feminine sex is inferior to the man, as consequence, you have educated her according to your will and convenience.

Ah, is this what they call civilization, oh Bourgeoisie? Ah! They call this progress?

You lie! This is not called progress, but rather a barbarous and regressive time!

Oh, women of the people! Do you not see in what dirt the Bourgeoisie has thrown you?

If you have consciousness of yourselves, you rebel against these parasites of the present society and you show to humanity that you are strong and not weak as your enemies want to make them believe.

Fight together with the desires of fortune, with the conscious workers, because are your real friends; because a day not far away you can emancipate yourselves of this yoke that for so many centuries you have supported, owed to your ignorance and to religious ideas that have instilled in you the rulers of your consciousness the cause of your damnation.

When you will rebel against this hypocritical institution, then you will be anarchists, and you will understand that Anarchy is your salvation, and you will fight with us because it may be near the day of the revival and the flag of the future may shine in the entire humanity planted on the barricade of the social revolution!...

Only then, your slavery will be finished, and you will shout with all the force of your guts:

Long live our emancipation!

Long live the free union!

Long live anarchy!

An ironing lady