Anarchist Bookfair ends in arrests

A woman's ankle was broken and several people were arrested by riot police at the end of the anarchist bookfair in London today.

Submitted by libcom on October 22, 2005

After a successful day in the new venue on Holloway Road, with thousands of people attending the well-ordered event, a disagreement outside the narby pub quickly escalated.

An argument between the bar manager and a group who had started up a sound system at or near the venue led to his calling the police at around 6pm.

Several vans of riot police, possibly from the nearby Arsenal game, arrived on the scene within minutes, and began to hem in the crowd, which was emerging from the bookfair as it wound down for the night.

A confrontation between members of the crowd and the police lines began, and the bookfair doors were sealed. Several arrests were made as police cordoned off the street, causing gridlock for nearly an hour.

Rob Ray