Greek dockers call for international solidarity

A European strike is organized during 16-17 of January 2006 by maritime and dockworkers. The strike will be held in 29 ports of 10 countries throughout Europe.

Submitted by Steven. on January 14, 2006

The strikers are against the new European direction, regarding the free sea trade. Greek marine transport workers, along with the solidarity of the antiauthoritarian movement, ship builders union of Perama and Greek Wobblies, will participate in the forthcoming strike by closing the ports in Piraeus, Patra & Thessaloniki.

In the heat of this new battle, European & Greek dockworkers call the maritime unions around the world to awake and support their strike by sending a solidarity statement or organize an action in their local work places. This strike is an attempt to reignite militancy and to underscore the necessity of international workers’ organization for a revolutionary industrial unionism in today’s global economy.

Fellow workers we share commons problems, no matter if we live and work in Europe or Japan, United States or Canada, Australia or New Zealand, the exploitation is the same. Staying silent has never brought the workers forward, therefore we call all European dockworkers to unify now in order to fight and defeat the European Unions’ Port Directive on “selfhandling“ that would allow ships’ crews to do longshore work in port. If implemented in Europe, this union-busting move will be repeated in all the world’s ports.

You may contact directly or send your solidarity statements to the Greek Maritime and Dockworkers by using the following emails:

[email protected] or [email protected].

Solidarity Has No Borders!

Argyris Argyriadis