Tower Hamlets strike over staff victimised for opposing stock transfer

Staff at Tower Hamlets council began a two day strike today after a housing campaigner lost her job after working for the council for 14 years.

Submitted by Steven. on December 13, 2005

There will be a picket of the council offices over the course of the two day strike in solidarity for Eileen Short, after her job 'ceased to exist' during a town hall reorganisation. Ms Short is also a council tenant and member of the national committee for Defend Council Housing.

The NUJ general secretary, Jeremy Dear, said, "We refuse to allow Eileen to be victimised like this. There is a large and growing body of people who will not rest until justice is done."

This is the second strike in as many weeks, and comes alongside news of votes on housing stock transfer being delayed in the face of fierce public meetings - clearly with the intention of avoiding a 'no' vote. There have been other strikes recently over the treatment of Eileen and other workers at Tower Hamlets involved in this issue.