Sussex students occupy in defiance of High Court injunction

Sussex students occupy in defiance of High Court injunction

Following a large demonstration against the suspension of the Sussex 6, hundreds of students have staged a snap occupation in defiance of management and the state, following the granting of a High Court injunction banning ‘occupational protest.’

The injunction is based on the testimony of John Duffy , who claimed students had taken hostages members of staff during an occupation of Sussex House last week, a claim vehemently disputed by eye witnesses. Despite the heavy police presence, no charges have been brought for hostage taking or any other offences.

Update: The occupation has now moved to a lecture theatre, defying the High Court injunction and demanding VCEG come and collect the petition for the reinstatement of the Sussex 6.


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Mar 11 2010 15:17


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jef costello
Mar 11 2010 16:13

Interesting news.
You're missing the word hostage from the second line of the second paragraph.

Joseph Kay
Mar 11 2010 16:46

two fingers up to the bosses and two fingers up to the state... the Sussex 6 have been reinstated with strict conditions on political activity, the occupation is demanding unconditional reinstatement.

Mar 11 2010 19:43

moved this to be a news article - please try to post news articles as opposed to forum posts where appropriate.

Joseph Kay
Mar 11 2010 20:49
Joseph Kay
Mar 13 2010 09:45

the occupation has received a statement of solidarity from an occupied hotel in Pakistan, anyone heard anymore about this?

“Over 150 workers at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi are protesting against the sacking of 4 union and over 98 other workers. In protest they have occupied the basement of the 5-star hotel for the last 9 days and despite police raids and bullying and threats by security guards they have not left the site of occupation.”

We have just received a message of solidarity from the Occupiers of Hotel Karachi:

The PC Hotel Worker’s Union Pakistan and PC Hotel Worker’s Solidarity Committee Karachi express solidarity with the Sussex University students occupation against suspensions and false cases. The fightback by Sussex University students is a solid example for all those who say that it’s not possible for students and workers to fightback or make the capitalists pay. Your struggle, like ours, shows that it is possible to fightback against big bosses and the might of the state and together we will show that it is also possible to win.

We also recognise the parallels between hotel workers and the students struggle. Both of us suffer from the exploitation of the capitalists and the big bosses. Both of us are made to pay for the crisis of the capitalists but we never shared the gains when the bosses rake in billions. Your occupation is a becaon of hope for the millions of students fighting in Britain as well as an example to emulate for other students and workers across the world. We are fighting the same enemy and in this case with the same tools too. We know how difficult it is to sustain an occupation. We know how the bosses bring pressure on the occupiers by slamming false cases, injunctions and suspension and terminations. We know how difficult they make it for us by using the might of state to suppress our voice and to gain any form of solidarity. But we know we dont have an alternative. Its either our jobs or their sackings, there isnt any other alternative. So it is for you. Your occupation is an expression of solidarity for six, ours is an expression of solidarity for four. You have occupied in your hundreds, we have occupied in our hundreds. We have nothing to loose but our chains, you prove you have a world to win.

Long live the struggle for emancipation of working class of today and that of tommorow. Long live the struggle of workers and students across the world.


PC Hotel Workers Occupation

Mar 13 2010 14:50

that should go in the library

Joseph Kay
Mar 13 2010 16:35

Can you do? On phone, limited battery

Joseph Kay
Mar 16 2010 12:25
Joseph Kay
Mar 17 2010 23:20

Unprecedented 800+ strong students union EGM today (with up to a hundred extra unable to fit into the hall) voted unanimously no confidence in management... meeting arranged at 48hrs notice:

There's been great support by staff too: not just lecturers, but cleaners, porters, IT staff all coming and speaking about how the cuts are effecting them, and a few spending the night in occupation.

Jason Cortez
Mar 18 2010 10:15


jef costello
Mar 18 2010 17:53

Good to see big public meetings.
There's an article on the BBC now

Joseph Kay
Mar 19 2010 03:03

we fucking won; sussex six unconditionally reinstated. next term, we stop the cuts.

Jason Cortez
Mar 19 2010 10:31

Even sweeter