Brighton refuse workers on wildcat strike

200 refuse and recycling workers from Brighton and Hove City Council walked out today over management bullying.

Submitted by steven on February 14, 2008

Staff at the Hollingdean Depot downed tools on Wednesday morning in retaliation to having tightly-knit crews broken up by managers. Four men have reportedly been moved from one lorry to another as management try to address the problem. Another worker said his cousin, who also works at the depot, had been "punished" for having time off sick by being put onto another shift.

Although some bin collections went ahead, a majority of residents who were due to have their bins emptied yesterday were left without a service.

Yesterday morning's 6am rounds were carried out as normal but, after a meeting of all staff in the depot canteen, the second shift, starting at 6.50am, refused to go to out. Talks between the council and the GMB union are on-going in a bid to resolve the issue. Neither side was able to offer a firm indication on when the strike would be over though the strikers stated they would strike for days or weeks until their demands were met.

Refuse workers at the Hollingdean Depot undertook a four day strike and occupation in 2001, which forced the change of management from private company SITA to Brighton and Hove council.