Foodora and Deliveroo Riders protest in Berlin

Foodora and Deliveroo Riders protest in Berlin

On January 24 2018, Foodora and Deliveroo riders in Berlin have protested against their precarious working conditions. They have to pay for most of the bike repair costs themselves. This leads to many having to ride with bicycles that are not safe, because they can not afford the repair costs.

Video, 8 mins, 2018 engl./german with engl. subs.

The drivers dumped a big pile of used bike parts in front of the Delivery Hero office in Mitte to protest against this fact: "Some of you could throw your whole bicycle onto this pile: They are so worn down."

At the moment, protests of bike couriers are taking place all over the world. On January 1, Deliveroo riders in Haarlem went on strike, and shut down the Deliveroo service for several hours. In Hong Kong this week hundreds of Deliveroo riders went on strike and managed to avert further deterioration of their working conditions.

Article about the strike in Hong Kong:


Jan 31 2018 20:12

And here is a little more background on the riders union #FAU and about its #deliverunion organizing drive at Berlin and a couple of other cities.