France: Social Security workers to strike over purchase power

In a week that has seen Sarkozy's approval rating drop below 50% yet another group of workers prepares to fight back against worsening conditions.

Submitted by jef costello on November 30, 2007

The diminishing purchase power of workers due to stagnant wages and inflation is a cause for nationwide concern, with workers demanding pay increases and bonuses to make back the losses from sub-inflation offers in previous years.

Social Security workers on the FO and CGT unions have announced that they will strike on Decembr 6th if their salaries are not increased. Workers are demanding that the base from which all salaries are calculated be increased, they are further demanding that to bring them in line with the minimum wage the percentage used to calculate salaries should be increased by 4% at every level.

They are also demanding that the surpluses that have been produced be returned to the workers as a bonus. Management has been willing to offer a derisory €150 (£100)

Workers are also demanding assurances over their pensions and that permanent replacements are hired for retiring workers, this year saw 2600 retirees not replaced and a further 10000 posts are set to be lost next year.