France: strikes in state television and radio

Strikes by workers in the state media saw many programmes cancelled.

Submitted by jef costello on February 13, 2008

The planned strike at France Télévisions against 'reforms' was successful. At France 3, seems to be targeted for privatisation as it is supposedly too critical of the current government 56% of all employees joined the strike, rising to 60% in regioal centres.

At France 2, 38% of all workers joined the strike but numbers rose to 53% in production and 69% in sports. At the international channel TV5 Monde, observance was at 70% cancelling all of the news programmes for the day. At Radio France a total of 18,88% struck, causing delays and problems.

The strike was supported in similar numbers "across all of France Télévisions" according to management statements. This lead to the cancellation of much of the daily news and sports reporting, which was replaced by music or in one case by an episode of Friends.