Further disruption at Vivergo Fuels


Following on from the blockades earlier this month, wildcat blockades continue with police warning motorists to avoid the area in the mornings throughout the week.

Traffic in the East Hull area was brought to a halt for the second time running in the dispute over 400 redundancies and no forthcoming work after completion at the BP fuels plant, Humberside. It is understood these were made due to the breakdown between Vivergo and the sub contractor Redhill Engineering Solutions. The blockades had started at 7AM. Redhill have made a pay settlement offer which has been rejected. A GMB official has indicated that action could spread nationwide if there is no timely resolution.

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Mar 23 2011 13:47


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Mar 24 2011 18:52

Thanks for the update, please keep us informed

Mar 27 2011 09:43

There's going to be a expected 1000 strong marching on Hull's city centre tomorrow.