Mexico: Guerrero teachers occupy electoral institute in protest at educational reform bill

Schoolteachers and teachers in training have occupied the electoral institute's state offices in Chilpancingo, Guerrero and are threatening to destroy the ballots of today's statewide municipal elections.

Submitted by Caiman del Barrio on October 5, 2008

Around 300 teachers started Sunday with the occupation and "liberation" of a motorway tollbooth near to Chilpancingo, giving free passage to motorists, a tactic also used in support of the 50 day long (and counting!) teachers' strike in the bordering state of Morelos, which is also in protest against the Alianza por la Calidad Educativa (ACE) bill.

The bill will remove teachers' job security and inhibit their ability to plan classes, teachers claim.

The occupiers of the Instituto Electoral del Estado de Guerrero have in their possession all the ballots from elections in some 125 municipal posts and have threatened to burn them in order to show "all of politics for the farce that it is".

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