Postal workers wildcat in Burslem

Picket line at Burslem earlier this year

Workers at Burslem delivery office, Stoke-on-Trent, are on wildcat strikes after twelve members of staff were suspended including all union reps.

Royal Mail management suspended the workers for bullying and harrassment, but has refused to comment on the allegations made. Their colleagues walked out unofficially in support of the twelve suspended and remain on strike.

The suspensions come after talks between the CWU and Royal Mail broke down early this week, although the CWU has not yet announced further strike dates and has asked for further talks, despite over a month of discussions producing no agreement.

Royal Mail is pushing through some measures such as later start times by "executive action" (i.e. without union consultation), and it is widely held that these suspensions at Burslem DO, which has been on work-to-rule with several wildcats over the past few months have been timed so that some of the most militant workers will be out of the picture while changes are pushed through.

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Mike Harman
Sep 12 2007 09:43


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