Prison uprising in Chios island, Greece

Uprising erupts in Chios' prison after repeated guard brutality against inmates who claim the prison is rife with torture.

Submitted by taxikipali on May 5, 2009

On Monday 5/5/08 night an uprising erupted in Chios island's prison after a prison guard turned his arms against the inmates. The 140 insurgent inmates occupied the entire prison establishment refusing to return to their cells and damaging surveillance infrastructure. Vaggelis Palis, the veteran prison abolition struggler who is kept in the specific prison and is said to have been brutalised by guards, announced in the media that torture is systematically used in the premises. The trial of Palis last March for his leading role in the 2007 general prison uprising across the country had led to extended clashes between prison abolition protesters and police forces in Larissa. On Tuesday morning, the insurgent inmates met with the general secretary of the Ministry of Justice, A. Andreoulakos, who promised an investigation into the allegations.