Protests in Bosnia

Protests in Bosnia

Protests and demonstrations broke out in Tuzla on Wednesday night and have spread to the towns of Zenica, Mostar, Bihac and Sarayevo. In the northern industrial city of Tuzla, thousands of workers have been made redundant with many of them losing their pensions and health benefits.

Reuters reports that many workers have taken to the streets and have been joined by students. Government buildings and the police have been attacked and confrontations continue. Unemployment is officially 27.5% in Bosnia (officially) and the ruling cliques here are widely seen as gangsters. It's early and we should be careful but this looks to be different from events in Ukraine which is subsumed in nationalism and inter-imperialist rivalries.

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Feb 7 2014 20:44


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Feb 15 2014 20:37

Another interesting update on happenings in Bosnia, the increase in directly democratic plenums.. also, video interviews with participants..

Bosnia and Herzegovina Teach EU a Lesson in Democracy: “People know what they want!”

Amid calm euphoria, increased state repression, and mass-media lies, people in Bosnia and Herzegovina move from street protests to plenums, or public assemblies. Plenums are about taking back the power: political parties are banned from participating.
While people at the plenum in Sarajevo demanded that police be investigated for the brutal crackdown and abuse of protestors on February 7th (which resulted in government buildings set on fire), the municipal court in Sarajevo assisted in the repression of dissenters and ordered news outlets to submit all their video and audio material from February 7th protests to the police.

Feb 16 2014 19:47

My article on situation in Bosnia:

IN's link:
libcom link:

This article is actually 5 days old so some stuff changed. But anyhow, I think it's ok like this. If you have any questions just ask...

Feb 17 2014 14:20

Got sent this video (by the same person who wrote this interesting article 'What’s up with Bosnia?') via the libcom facebook so posting here.. looks really good:

This is documentary about Dita factory in Tuzla, Bosnia. Workers from this factory started whole this movement. Documentary has English subs, so I think that it might be useful to people interested in situation down here.

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Feb 20 2014 13:16

I agree with the main lines of Juraj's text on the "What's happening in Bosnia?" thread. It lays out the positives from the movement of the workers without going over the top and is incisive on the various dangers and divisions of the bourgeoisie.

If anyone hasn't looked at it yet, I heartedly recommend the full 25 minutes of the video posted by Ed above on February 17, entitled: "here's something for you" Granny, thank you! Thank you! That is huge!"It gives excellent background to the explosion of workers' anger in Tuzla.

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Bosnia documentary

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Please don't spread that shit on libcom. That group has contacts with only NazBols and Anarcho Fascists in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and they have constantly been translating similar stuff.

May 5 2014 15:21

Iskra - fair enough, I wasn't aware of that. Actually I'm surprised as it doesn't come across, to me at least, from the interview.

Jul 30 2015 13:37

protests in Sarajevo against proposed new labour legislation, protesters have removed barrages in front of the parliament which is now only guarded by a chain of cops: