Royal Mail battle plans leaked

Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier when he was boss at the FA, and failed dismally at it

As wildcats erupt across the UK, the forum has obtained a copy of Royal Mail's battle plans for the current negotiations with the CWU.

The document, a powerpoint presentation sent to general managers shortly after further strikes were announced in September, outlines Royal Mail's endgames for the talks. It includes a whole range of measures which postal workers said today would destroy the postal service if brought in.

Highlights include:

- No more negotiations with the CWU on every subject at every level
- No more payments for change
- Flexibilised hours and teamworking
- Shift changes at a moment's notice and annualised hours
- Later start times - the cause of today's unofficial action, part of "Network 2007"
- Changes to the pension scheme (the end of final salary pensions)

Read the whole thing on:

Royal Mail Chat

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Mike Harman
Oct 10 2007 17:28


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