Postal workers to escalate strike action

Striking postal workers demonstrate
Striking postal workers demonstrate

Two weeks of continuous disruption will hit Royal Mail as rotating strike action is planned by the postal workers union CWU.

Submitted by Steven. on July 20, 2007

Although postal workers will individually take 2 days of strike action in the next two weeks, the strikes announced mean that there will be two weeks of continuous disruption to mail services.

The strikes call out separate functions nationally on different days and the timing is aimed at maximising the impact on mail.

The clear escalation of the strike has been called because Royal Mail have made it clear they are unwilling to engage in any meaningful negotiations

“We have contacted Royal Mail leaders on copious occasions, consistently asking for negotiations to find a resolution to the dispute. Royal Mail management continue to ignore the union and its’ workforce. This is absolutely unacceptable”, said Dave Ward, CWU Deputy General Secretary.

A summary of the action:
July 25
24-hour walkout by up to 30,000 at mail centres and cash handling centres from 7pm

July 26
Few deliveries. 1,200 data entry staff, who sort poorly addressed mail, down tools at noon

July 27
All international mail will be hit as 1,000, who sort post from Heathrow, strike.

July 28
No deliveries as up to 80,000 posties and staff at collection hubs join the action

July 30
Airport workers who load mail on planes walk out at noon

July 31
The cycle of chaos starts again with a 3am walkout by mail and cash handlers

August 1
Around 2,000 HGV drivers will go out for 24 hours. The cycle will continue until August 8

Workers are simultaneously being asked to follow procedures, to not start early, use their own cars or take bags that are too heavy.

Separate strikes will continue over issues related to post office closures.

Meanwhile, postal workers in Oxford voted to continue their wildcat strike action until at least Monday.

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