UNISON to recommend pay cuts for health workers

Public sector union UNISON looks set to rubber stamp a three-year package of pay cuts for workers in the NHS.

Submitted by Steven. on April 9, 2008

Following a proposal of three years of sub-inflationary pay rises UNISON Head of Health, Karen Jennings, said that she would be "asking our executive to consider recommending this deal to members as a well-balanced package"

The proposed deal gives 2.75% in the first year.

In year 2 it gives 2.54%. Those on the lowest point will receive an increase of 5.7%.

In the third year the proposed deal gives 2.5%. It includes a flat rate increase of £420 (worth 3.17% at the lowest point) for the bottom three grades.

RPI inflation is currently over 4%.

Meanwhile, UNISON recommended rejection of a 2.45% offer to local government workers, the same as an offer which was rejected in a ballot of members last year. Members also voted to strike but UNISON called off the action and accepted the deal.

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Submitted by RPG on April 9, 2008

The NHS unions are divided over this - 8 are not signing including RCM, CSP, Unite and SOR. Oddly though the RCN have. The deal is rubbish. The NHS is going to make a £2 billion surplus this year so can afford to pay health workers a living wage. The three year element of this means that the pay review body will be put on ice in 2009 and 2010 - making it easier to shut down if the Tories get in. My guess is that Unison have signed to increase their power within the NHS unions and to help Labour out - I have no idea why the RCN have though. One NHS union official described the situation to me as a 'bloody mess'!


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Submitted by compete on March 26, 2009

Looks like a damn good deal now, in light of the pay freeze!