Workers win strike at Belchatow Hospital

Workers win strike at Belchatow Hospital

Workers who recently lost their jobs may be back to work soon as boss promises to re-establish pre-cut employment levels.

Although we should wait until the contracts are actually signed to celebrate, workers won significant demands after refusing to work on Monday. 130 cleaners and meal servers gathered in the hospital lobby at 7AM, delivering their demands to the hospital director and demanding that the boss of the cleaning service company come to the hospital to negotiate.

After hours of negotiations, the boss promised to increase employment and some workers should get their jobs back. There were various problems at the workplace, but the action was caused by the fact that about 30 people lost their jobs and the other workers were expected to cover this work. As it is, many workers have a lot of overtime, some of it unpaid and some not paid at the correct rate.

The quick resolution of the situation was surprising to most. Some are cautious to celebrate until everything is implemented as promised. The boss was reluctant to sign anything and only did so after the workers refused to work until everything was put in writing. However the cleaning companies have changed 3 times in the past year, so the situation is still precarious as nobody knows how long the work with this firm will last.

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Nov 4 2014 20:54


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Nov 6 2014 04:59

Well done, comrades!

Nov 6 2014 06:03


And I want to add something. In that hospital there are unions. But the mainstream unions are pretty shit. And not one unionist from that hospital or the whole city came to say any word of support. If anything, I only know of people discouraging action.

Is it any wonder the situation of the working class in this country is as it is?

Nov 6 2014 06:09

If the unions were actively "helping" the situation would be much worse!

Nov 6 2014 08:05

Fantastic effort! Shows what determination and planning can do!

Nov 6 2014 08:42

Congratulations to everyone involved. We've been publicising the victory as much as we can through Thames Valley SolFed's channels. It's nice to show people what direct action can accomplish! smile

Nov 6 2014 19:10

Thanks everyone. Yes, this is the point: direct action, solidarity and determination can work. These women put all the mainstream unions and pseudosyndicalist social clubs to shame this year by accomplishing more than any other group of workers. Without union bosses and big money. They acted really well and in solidarity with each other and wouldn't be manipulated or scared by the bosses.