Advance the Struggle

Contribution from Advance the Struggle

A report by Advance the Struggle on the movement in Oakland's school system following the Ferguson Uprising, from Viewpoint Magazine's "Strategy After Ferguson" collection.

Thrown off balance: workers struggles against equilibrium

A response to a debate on unions in the United States today started between a number of groups and individuals including Unity & Struggle and Advance the Struggle. This piece attempts to argue against militant reformism growing in the union movements towards a politic of ruptures and revolutionary workplace organizing drawing from the concept of equilibrium.

Jocelyn and James Respond

Jocelyn and James respond to Nate Hawthorne and others in response to their piece, 'Our friends with benefits'.

Mara Responds to Jocelyn and James

A response by Mara of Advance the Struggle to Jocelyn Cohn of Unity and Struggle and James Frey

Will critically responds to the union debates

A response by Will of the Fire Next Time Network to Advance the Struggle on the union debate.

A reply to John Garvey

A response by John Garvey and reply from Advance the Struggle on the union debate.

The Problematic of the Union in the U.S. – What is to be Done? (Part 2)

Second part of the debate on revolutionaries intervention and relation to unions from members of Advance the Struggle.

The Problematic of the Union in the U.S. – What is to Be Done? (Part 1)

The first article, by Advance the Struggle, submitted with the intention of sparking a debate on intervention and relation by left and anti-state revolutionaries to the unions.

Occupy Oakland: Advance the Struggle’s political reflection

Bay Area Marxist group Advance the Struggle's analyses of the occupy movement in Oakland.

Justice For Oscar Grant: A Lost Opportunity?

Bay Area Marxist group's analysis of the anti-police brutality movement that emerged after the killing of Oscar Grant. In this essay, they are severely critical of the role of the non-profit organizations and the Revolutionary Communist Party. This was released in July 2009.