British Airways

BA dispute: court drama, strike action and old-fashioned victimisation

British Airways cabin crew have taken further industrial action in a dramatic battle with management that has become 2010's most significant dispute so far.

BA strike: Workers' solidarity versus the bosses' law

Leaflet about the banned and then un-banned strike by British Airways cabin crew in 2010 by the International Communist Current.

High court ruling scuppers BA strikes – another nail in the coffin of the 'right to strike'

BA today won a high court injunction which ruled unlawful the cumulative 20-day strike called by the Unite union, on the grounds that it had not followed to the letter of the law the 1992 Trade Union Act.

BA strikes: management bluster and bullying as strike action spreads through Europe

British Airways cabin crews have struck for three days in a dispute which is quickly taking on the status of a set-piece battle between workers and management. With a general election weeks away, the political parties have attempted to outdo each other by laying into the strikers, with much of the media in tow.

BA strikes: Management ups its bullying as the dispute goes international

With strikes at BA looming this weekend, management has furthered its attacks on the workforce, while the airline faces international solidarity with BA workers.

BA strike plan is classic union-busting technique

Gregor Gall examines the balance of power as the conflict between British Airways management and cabin crew comes to a head.

BA strike: on a wing and a prayer?

An analysis of the 12-day Xmas strike at British Airways called by the Unite union. By Gregor Gall, professor of industrial relations at the University of Hertfordshire.

Strike ballot for BA cabin crew

Mr Walsh flew to Las Vegas on Sunday on BA's inaugural direct flight

British Airways has said it is "disappointed" by the Unite union's decision to ballot 14,000 cabin crew about whether to take strike action.

Union call off BA strike action

A planned three-day strike by thousands of British Airways cabin crew has been called off by the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G).

British Airways cabin crew to strike

British Airways cabin crew are to hold a three-day strike from the 29th to the 31st of January following the break down of negotiations over a range of industrial relations difficulties with the company.