Cajo Brendel

Some thoughts on the re-organization of the revolutionary left

Left communist Cajo Brendel looks back on the failing of the revolutionary left.

The working class uprising in East Germany, June 1953 - Cajo Brendel

East German uprising

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the East German mass strike and uprising 1953.

1921: Kronstadt: Proletarian spin-off of the Russian Revolution - Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the Kronstadt rebellion

Council communism and the critique of Bolshevism - Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel on council communism and Bolshevism.

Answer to Dave Douglas - Cajo Brendel

Brendel replies to Douglass's criticisms of a summary of "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain".

Summary of the book "Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain" by Cajo Brendel (Cajo Brendel)

Cajo Brendel outlines his book on history of the class struggle in Great Britain in the three decades after World War II.

Goodbye to the Unions! - A Controversy About Autonomous Class Struggle in Great Britain

A debate between Dutch Council communist Cajo Brendel and NUM official Dave Douglass about the nature of trade unions.

Theses on the Chinese revolution - Cajo Brendel

Cajo Brendel discusses the Chinese revolution and conflicts between the Chinese Communist Party and the working class and peasantry, and conflicts within the Party itself.