Greek tragedy: the failure of the left - Bob Potter

Solidarity pamphlet 29 by Bob Potter from 1968 on the current lack of resistance to the military dictatorship, its historical roots and the previous failures of the Greek left during the civil war, World War II and before.

Khamsin #11: Modern Turkey - development and crisis

Issue 11 of the Khamsin journal from 1984 about Turkey, its political economy, international relations and its working class, socialist and feminist movements.

Armenian history: an anarchist perspective

This article reviews Armenian history, struggles, ancient political movements and peasant rebellions since antiquity from an anarchist perspective.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Peru, 1905-1930 - Steven Hirsch

General strike, Peru, 1933.

Article about the Peruvian anarcho-syndicalist movement with details of its influential involvement in numerous strikes, its far-reaching network of cultural associations and its influences from other syndicalist movements in the region.

United States - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around the United States, its history, its colonial past and the struggles of workers, women, African Americans and other ordinary people.

1914-2001: A people's history of Argentina

Mothers of the disappeared demonstrate in Argentina

A working class history of Argentina from its "golden era" through Peronism, military dictatorship up until the uprising of 2001.

Class conflicts in the transformation of China

Aufheben's excellent account of the development and transformation of China and the Chinese working class from the time of Mao until today.

The agonising transformation of the Palestinian peasants into proletarians

Palestinian peasants forced from their land

Article looking at the formation of the Palestinian working class, and the creation of the Israeli state.

Migration, industry and struggles in Poland, 1956-2005

An analysis of Poland, its economy, its social and political history and how it has been shaped by workers' struggles past and present.

1935-1980s: The reign of Haile Selassie in Ethiopia

A critical look at the rule of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, regarded by many as progressive, and by some as God incarnate!