Sic: international journal for communisation

Online archive of Sic, a journal about communisation produced jointly by Endnotes in the UK/US, Blaumachen in Greece, Théorie Communiste in France, Riff-Raff in Sweden, and certain more or less informal theoretical groups in the US (New York and San Francisco) and various individuals in France, Germany and elsewhere.

Spontaneity, mediation, rupture

Endnotes on communisation, organisation, spontaneity and the possibilities of current struggles.

The limit point of capitalist equality: notes toward an abolitionist antiracism - Chris Chen

Chris Chen writes for Endnotes journal on race, capitalism and class.

Logistics, counterlogistics and the communist prospect - Jasper Bernes

Jasper Bernes writes for Endnotes journal on capitalist logistics and supply chains, and the importance of radical theory.

A rising tide lifts all boats: crisis era struggles in Britain

Endnotes on the 2011 UK riots and struggles against austerity.

The holding pattern: the ongoing crisis and the class struggles of 2011-2013

Endnotes on the crisis and class struggles across the world, including the Arab spring and the occupy movement, in the wake of the 2009 financial meltdown.

Endnotes #03: gender, race, class and other misfortunes

The third issue of irregular communist journal, Endnotes.

Endnotes journal

Partial online archive of Endnotes, an irregular communist theoretical journal produced by a discussion group of the same name based in Britain and the US.

Sic 1.1 - Further remarks


Further remarks and discussion on The Present Moment from Sic 1