Esperanto language

Short History of Anarchist Participation in the Esperanto Movement

A short history of Anarchist participation in the Esperantist Labour movement.

Some Concerns with the 53rd Universal Congress of Esperanto by Eduardo Vivancos

Eduardo Vivancos's criticisms of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) and its decision to hold its 53rd Universal Congress in Madrid in 1968 and the influence of Francisco Franco, the Fascist dictator of Spain.

The 50th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War - Eduardo Vivancos

Lecture given at the World Anti-national Association (SAT) congress held in Sant Cuget del Valles in Barcelona in July 1986.

Esperanto & Anarchism - Xavi Alcalde

Examination of the links between Esperanto and the Libertarian movement, and a brief biographical sketch of one of the leading Esperanto speaking Anarchists Eduardo Vivancos.

50-a datreveno de la Hispana Revolucio - Eduardo Vivancos

Prelego farita dum la SAT-kongreso okazinta en Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelono) en Julio 1986.

Anationalism - Eugen Relgis

Cover image of Cosmometápolis by Eugen Relgis

This chapter is extracted from Eugen Relgis, Cosmometápolis (Montevideo: Ediciones Humanidad, 1950), translated into Spanish by Eloy Muñiz. Originally published in Romania in the mid-1930s, the additional notes here were added to the later edition.
In this chapter, Relgis provides a gloss and libertarian critique of Eugene Lanti’s ‘Manifesto of Anationalists’ (1931), the first sections of which are available in English translation.
Somewhat obscure, and including several assertions few anarchists would likely agree with today, the subject matter remains of interest.

Anarchism in Bulgaria

Short history on the life of Aleksander Nakov, committed Anarchist and Esperantist who lived and worked in Bulgaria.

Anarkiismo en Bulgario

Mallonga historio de la rolo de Aleksander Nakov en la anarkiisma kaj epseranta movado en Bulgario

The Friend of Andreu Nin

English translation of an artice about a POUM supporter, Esperantist and friend of Andreu Nin.

The History of the Newspaper Anti-Statist

Information about the newspaper "Anti-Statist" and the relationship between the Esperantists and the Spanish libertarian movement living in exile in France. Translation of the Esperanto language article.