10 reasons to support the firefighters' strikes

Firefighters in England today walked out on strike for 24 hours in the latest of a series of stoppages in a dispute over massive attacks by the government on their pensions: particularly increasing the retirement age from 55 to 60. Here are the top 10 reasons you should support the firefighters.

The 10 July public sector strike and going beyond formula

Tomorrow's coordinated strike by public sector workers looks set to be larger than the one on 30 Novermber 2011 that was billed as a public sector 'general strike.' But what does that mean, and are we in any better position now, industrially, than we were then?

Notes from an FBU picket line

Joe Thorne reports back from the front lines of the London firefighters strike against mass sackings and shift pattern changes.

Fire Brigade: Will London burn?

The inside story of what is really happening in the London Fire Brigade, as told to The Commune.

South Yorkshire fire crews anger over shift changes

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue HQ, Sheffield.

South Yorkshire fire crews have accused managers of being hell bent on confrontation over moves to impose new shifts.

Funding cuts hit fire service

Following severe warnings from the Fire Brigades Union over government mishandling of the service, cuts have been announced in the Northeast and Southwest of the country. Freedom newspaper reports

Public pay: Now police call for right to strike

Hot on the heels of an illegal strike of prison officers, now police offices offered a below-inflation pay rise have demanded the right to strike.

Lions led by donkeys - FBU dispute, 2002-2003 - AF

Solidarity with the firefighters! AYN leaflet, 2003

A leaflet written and distributed by some people in the Anarchist Youth Network in the UK in 2003 during the strikes of firefighters for a pay increase to £30,000 and an end to "modernisation" of working practices.

Firefighters call off unofficial action

Norfolk firefighters

Firefighters have called off the unsanctioned industrial action, in which they only responded to 999 calls, in a dispute over pay.