Nova Scotia and the G8 broadsheet, April 2010- Seeing Red

Seeing Red is a free broadsheet produced by a group of workers in Halifax, NS. Our goal with this edition is to communicate our views to other working people around the time of the G8 International Development Ministers' meeting in April 2010.

Nova Scotia and the G8: an economic assault - Seeing Red

A leaflet written in advance of the G8 International Development Ministers' April 2010 meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A brief analysis of growing economic hardship in Nova Scotia by Seeing Red.

Scotland anti-G8 protest report, 2005

Report from the G8-resistance in Edinburgh, July 2005, by Prol-Position.

London bombs and G8-politics - terrorist acts of a system in crisis

Spontaneous leaflet distributed on a spontaneous gathering during the anti-G8 protests in front of Edinburgh train station following the July 7, 2005 London bombings.

Over 10,000 Deutsche Telekom workers walk off the job

Photo from

More than 10,000 Deutsche Telekom employees refused to turn up for work last Friday to protest the company's plans to outsource 50,000 jobs.

Intakes - Inside and outside the G8 protests

One participant's evaluation of the G8 Summit demonstrations in Gleneagles, Scotland 2005, and how they were perceived.

Berlin squatted community space under attack

Koepi 137

The Köpi, a legalised squat and cultural center in Berlin, has been under attack from political and police forces for some time - as are many other such spaces in Berlin's "New Mitte."

Where Next for the fight Against the G8? Meeting, 16 Aug 2006, Cardiff

Resist G8 2005

Archived web feature on the demonstrations against the G8 summit in Gleneagles.