Gulf War

"Gulf War Syndrome"

Brief summary of what is known as "gulf war syndrome", an illness contracted by an estimated 175,000 veterans of the First Gulf War.

The great war for civilisation: The conquest of the Middle East - Robert Fisk

A sweeping and dramatic history of the last half century of conflict in the Middle East from an award-winning journalist who has covered the region for over thirty years, The Great War for Civilisation unflinchingly chronicles the tragedy of the region from the Algerian Civil War to the Iranian Revolution; from the American hostage crisis in Beirut to the Iran-Iraq War; from the 1991 Gulf War to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The untold history of the United States - Peter Kuznick and Oliver Stone

The companion to the Showtime documentary series, director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick challenge the prevailing orthodoxies of traditional history books in this thoroughly researched and rigorously analyzed look at the dark side of American history.

Life during war time

Slightly fictionalized autobiographical short story, with the U.S. invasion of Iraq in the early 1990s as background.

The Planetary War of the United States of America

Extensive analysis of the capitalist world system, inter-imperialst rivalries and war in the current epoch from a 'bordigist' perspective written in 2001.

Gang warfare in the Gulf

Libertarian/council communist group Subversion argue against support for either side in the Gulf War.

Subversion #4

Issue of Subversion with articles about the coming Gulf War, Arthur Scargill, perestroika and the fall of the Soviet Union and the fight against the poll tax.

The story of this group (in its various incarnations) - No War But The Class War

Following the re-formation of the No War But The Class War group shortly after September 11, 2001, members of the group look at its history and limitations.

War! What is it good for? - No War But The Class War

In the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, No War But The Class War look at who the real beneficiaries of such wars are.

We won't pay for the bosses' war - No War But The Class War

Leaflet from 1991, looking at the logic behind the impending Gulf War, and its meaning for the working class, both in the UK and internationally.