insurrectionary anarchism

Armed struggle and the revolutionary movement

Jean Weir, Albert Meltzer, Abel Paz (Diego Camacho)

A transcription from 325 #10 of a speech by Jean Weir. It overviews in more straightforward language the argument against traditional armed struggle put forward by Italian insurrectionary anarchists inspired by the practice of groups like Azione Rivoluzionaria. It reiterates the argument against building just towards one grand revolutionary break and for pushing for the exploited to organize towards multiple insurrectionary ruptures. It is provided for informational purposes.

What If the black bloc held a summit and the G20 had a bake sale?

Crudo critiques some perspectives on summit protests.

Notes on a new proletarian anarchism

Some notes within the context of the American anarchist 'scene'.


Collection of issues of Vengeance, an insurrectionary anarchist influenced publication from California.

At Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics

Translated from Italian by Jean Weir in collaboration with John Moore and Leigh Stracross. Original title: “Ai ferri corti con l’esistente, i suoi difensori e i suoi falsi critici”

Workers’ Organizations

A critical look at syndicalist unions by Italian Insurrectionary anarchist; Luigi Galleani.

Insurrectionary Practice and Capitalist Transformation

A discussion between The Batko Group and Sasha K, 2005

The Insurrectionary Act and the Self-Organization of Struggle

A piece by Sasha K originally from Aporia Journal Issue 2, 2004.

Thirteen Notes on Class Struggle

Some notes for discussion by Sasha K. Originally appeared in Green Anarchy Issue 18, 2004.