The Invisible Committee


The Coming Insurrection: An identity-based construction and existential alternative – Alain C.

A 2009 critique of the sensational anarchist best-seller, The Coming Insurrection, in which the author claims that it is not its “ideas” or “worldview” that are what is most important about the book, but rather the fact that it is essentially an appeal for an identity-based politics, a “permanent drunkenness of the Ego” that postulates an abstract, socially undifferentiated “being” that is supposed to find itself at home in a paradise worshiping its “fetish”, “identity”, and the author concludes that the total elimination of this harmful tendency is “one of the goals of a communist revolution”.

Brief excerpts. . .

Translations of the back jackets of the two newest Tiqqun reissues, as well as of The Coming Insurrection.

Theses on the Imaginary Party

English translation of the theses appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999.

The coming insurrection - The Invisible Committee

Parisien suburb riots, 2005

Insurrectionary communist call to arms, originally published in France in 2005, in text and PDF format.