Direct Action (SWF): Vol 5, #01 (31, January 1964)

Volume 5, Issue 1 of Direct Action, with articles on Committee of 100 members being imprisoned, a strike by construction workers at St. Paul's Cathedral, direct action against a dam in Italy, the right-wing anti-union Freedom Group, a review of a book about Franco's Spain, a review of an IWMA (now IWA) conference, the JFK assassination, the Lincoln myth, and the civil rights movement, Bolivian miners, housing direct action in Tunbridge Wells, a Goya exhibition, repression in Morocco, medical care in Alberta, industrial news including London bus drivers and more.

'The Long Civil Rights Movement and the Political Uses of the Past' by Jacquelyn Dowd Hall

The author dispels the myths of the Civil Rights movement constructed by the mainstream and the New Right instead reconstituting it towards struggles for economic equality and anti-militarism. The author delineates the complex mechanisms and modes of liberation contained within the Civil Rights Movement, turning away from the traditional narratives of 'legislative liberation'. The article contains interesting analysis on the structural racism of the New Deal, how the concepts of space, class and gender affect racism, the difference between Southern and Northern struggles, and the struggle that continued after the traditional 'ending' of the Civil Rights movement.