'The Long Civil Rights Movement and the Political Uses of the Past' by Jacquelyn Dowd Hall

The author dispels the myths of the Civil Rights movement constructed by the mainstream and the New Right instead reconstituting it towards struggles for economic equality and anti-militarism. The author delineates the complex mechanisms and modes of liberation contained within the Civil Rights Movement, turning away from the traditional narratives of 'legislative liberation'. The article contains interesting analysis on the structural racism of the New Deal, how the concepts of space, class and gender affect racism, the difference between Southern and Northern struggles, and the struggle that continued after the traditional 'ending' of the Civil Rights movement.

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Jan 21 2014 23:37


  • Only such novel forms of storytelling can convey what it means to have lived through an undefeated but unfinished revolution, a world-defining social movement that has experienced both reversals and victories and whose victories are now, once again, being partially reversed

    Jacquelyn Dowd Hall