Direct Action (SWF): Vol 5 #01 (31) Jan 1964

Volume 5, Issue 1 of Direct Action, with articles on Committee of 100 members being imprisoned, a strike by construction workers at St. Paul's Cathedral, direct action against a dam in Italy, the right-wing anti-union Freedom Group, a review of a book about Franco's Spain, a review of an IWMA (now IWA) conference, the JFK assassination, the Lincoln myth, and the civil rights movement, Bolivian miners, housing direct action in Tunbridge Wells, a Goya exhibition, repression in Morocco, medical care in Alberta, industrial news including London bus drivers and more.

Submitted by R Totale on May 26, 2020


- Victimised by the State

- Solidarity Works

- Labour Problems, Mr. Martell

- Franco's Heir

- Bolivia

- Housing Direct Action

- Morocco, Alberta

- Industrial Notebook


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