Notas sobre composição de classe - Kolinko

Texto do grupo comunista libertário alemão Kolinko, abordando a atualidade e importância do conceito de composição de classe.

The workers’ inquiry: what’s the point?

Joe Thorne looks at the history of the “workers’ inquiry” idea: from Marx, to Italy in the 1960s, to the present day. This fairly long article touches on debates amongst those influenced by operaismo about how we should relate to the modern workplace.

Proposal for an inquiry in Call Centers - Kolinko

Kolinko's original proposal for a detailed investigation of work, exploitation and struggle in call centres, written in November 1999.

Why workers' interviews? Kolinko

A leaflet from Kolinko attempting to find call centre workers to interview, 2000.

Kolinko interview by Direkte Aktion, 2001

Interview from January 2001 between Kolinko and anarcho-syndicalist magazine "direkte aktion" explaining their reasons for the call center-inquiry and are intervening in the workers' discussion through leaflets and websites.

Leaflet on terrorism after 9-11 - Kolinko

Leaflet on terrorism, capitalism and war produced by German group Kolinko after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Leaflet on globalisation - Kolinko

Kolinko leaflet against 'anti-globalisation' that just wants to manage misery, for a global movement against everyday capitalism and crisis.

Seattle, Prague, Watford - what does the anti-globalisation movement do when it gets home?

A proposal for a workshop at the anti-globalisation-congress in Duesseldorf by people around the Kolinko group, in the winter of 2001/2.

Hotlines - call centre | inquiry | communism

German libertarian communist group Kolinko's detailed three-year investigation into work in call centres, restructuring and the possibilities for workers' resistance.