Leaflet on globalisation - Kolinko

Kolinko leaflet against 'anti-globalisation' that just wants to manage misery, for a global movement against everyday capitalism and crisis.

Submitted by Steven. on January 24, 2010

As the cloud of Genoan teargas clears, the WTC and a few Afghanistan towns already lie in rubble and ashes. Even the bourgeois media has to try hard not to speak out loud what connects these events: the crisis of capitalism. In the last few months the crisis of profits became global. The pillars of the world economy (USA, Japan, Europe) teeter in recession, in other regions (Turkey, Argentina) the coming collapse threatens. The political representatives of this society try to avert the crises by any means: first with lower interest rates, social cuts etc. and if that doesn't help, with war mobilisation.

We will see, whether the 'anti-globalisation movement' will take part in the management of the crisis. With some of its official representatives it is already the case: For example, groups like ATTAC want to avert the crisis through another tax policy (the Tobin Tax), part of Tute Bianche takes part in its local administration by joining the local council. Whether they want it or not, they take part in the maintenance of a system of crisis. At the moment the representatives of exploitation need nothing more than an 'innovative strength', maybe in a (still) somewhat verbally-radical form, to maintain the illusion that there is still the possibility for re-distribution of wealth and a reform out of the threatening Barbarie.

The representatives of the groups don't fight for their own liberation, but as representatives of immigrants, unemployed, the precarious, 'oppressed minorities' for a place at the negotiating table. From this representative position they can only ever understand capitalism as a system, where their clients are short changed and that they want to help regulate. Sooner or later, as you can see in our unions, this leads to them wanting to keep their 'own' interest groups in the 'victim status' and so keep themselves in a negotiating position. We must ask ourselves, whether we want to provide the management-and-representation-theatre with the necessary scenery through some riots or colourful protest, or whether we want something else.

We want everything!
For us anyway, our own arse in everyday capitalism is enough reason to move it! We do not see others as 'poor immigrants or unemployed', but as humans that are subject to exploitation and representation apparatus like we are, and whose struggle we support. To do this we can't take a short cut and just attack the ruling institutions or single issues. The struggle for liberation is no monthly demo against whichever fat cat meeting, but spontaneously takes place where we are exposed to capital and or produce its power, in dreary dole queues, behind counters of filthy take-aways, in call centres or steel works. Only in these conflicts can we develop our strength against exploitation and against those who want to represent and administer us. Only in these conflicts, that we lead ourselves, can we change ourselves and our relationships to others.

The crisis spins faster and good luck to whoever still hopes that the state will change into a full employment and speculation tax financed candy machine.

For a rock hard discussion within the Anti-globalisation movement, for the self-liberation and abolishment of the proletariat! - Put your own proletarian existence at the centre, organise yourselves against work and misery. - For a movement, that merges with everyday class conflict and struggle in our local areas and helps the experiences circulate.

las kalinkas against the punch and judy show