The Leveller

Loyalist Decommissioning

Organise! analyse the recent Loyalist paramilitary decommissioning.

Pumped Up Vigilantes?

A response to Derek Hanway's (director of Irish traveller organisation An Munia Tober) claims that those who defended the Roma under attack in Belfast in the summer of 2009 were pumped up vigilantes.

No Gods, No Masters: how the churches and politicians failed to help the Roma in Belfast

Comments on the failure of the churches and politicians to tackle racism in Belfast.

Combating racism and fascism means combating capitalism

Article on racism, the far-right and the recession, emphasising that the battle against racism and the far-right, is also a battle against the social and economic conditions that are its root cause.

Belfast fascist Neil House exposed

Neil House the fascist

An expose of a Belfast fascist attempting to form an all-Ireland 'white-power' gang.

Victorious Belfast traffic warden speaks

From issue 2 of The Leveller, this is an expanded version of the story of the four-month battle against bosses by Belfast traffic wardens. This article contains extracts from an interview with an NCP worker involved in the dispute elaborated on the deal they had won, and how they fought their bosses.

Protests continue in Belfast for sacked Nortel workers

Protests continued today in support of 87 workers sacked with no redundancies at the Nortel plant outside Belfast last March.

Monson could face jail time

Professional MMA fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson faces potential jail time when sentenced this October in connection to a graffiti incident in November 2008.

Thomas Cook Dublin: Workers Released

The 28 workers arrested this morning for occupying the Grafton Street outlet of Thomas Cook were released this afternoon after agreeing not to resume their occupation or damage the property of Thomas Cook.

Lewisham Bridge School Heritage listing upheld

Parents occupying Lewisham Bridge Primary School in south-east London are a step closer to keeping the school open after the English Heritage Grade 2 status of the school was upheld.