Begumpura: The Anarchist Commune

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on Begumpura, a utopia envisioned by the mystic and poet Guru Raidas. This article was first published by Round Table India.

Supplementary Thoughts on The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and the Ongoing Great Money Trick

After 100 years of us failing to achieve the "Co-operative Commonwealth" the bourgeoisie continue to dominate workers' lives with the "Great Money Trick". As Tressell foresaw, there remains a desperate need for the revolutionary reconstitution of society.

‘To live outside the trial’: Anarchist implications in Foucauldian readings of Franz Kafka’s 'In the Penal Colony' and 'The Trial'

An academic article by David Tulley about Franz Kafka’s engagement with anarchist theory in relation to two of his novels.

Ferreira de Castro’s 'Emigrantes': An anarchist Portuguese novel responds to the myth of the ‘Brasileiro’

An article on Portugese anarchism and Ferreira de Castro’s nove Emigrantes.

The Book of Joe: A Satire of Capitalist Society

An updating of the Bible's Book of Job for modern society.

Walkaway review

Walkaway Cover

A review of Cory Doctorow's 2017 science fiction novel.

Herman Melville: between Charlemagne and the antemosaic cosmic man - Loren Goldner

The 1848-1850 conjuncture in the Atlantic world witnessed the birth of communism (Marx), modern art (Courbet, Flaubert), the end of classical political economy, and the formulation of the entropy law, or Second Law of Thermodynamics. Their simultaneity was not accidental, and Melville's work echoes each of them. This study attempts to situate Melville's works in this convergence.

Dead fascist poets society: why Casa Pound are no book club

The liberal commentariat seems to be completely unable to resist the allure of the far-right. The latest example: an article on Literary Hub that portrays violent neo-fascist gang Casa Pound as some sort of edgy poetry club.

Georges Navel- proletarian writer

Georges Navel

Article on the proletarian writer Georges Navel, which appeared in the Anarchist Federation's magazine Organise!