Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin

Black autonomy: civil rights, the Panthers and today - Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and JoNina Abron

 Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and JoNina Abron

Interview with two anarchist ex-Black Panthers about their involvement in the civil rights movement, the Panthers and the relevance of anarchism to black struggle.

Interview with Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin from 1995

Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin interview
(originally published in Black Flag #206, Autumn 1995)

The Ballot or The Bullet?

There are no fair elections in America, certainly when the questions of race and political power are evident. It's interesting therefore to look at the presidential election of the year 2000. Many things have not been widely reported, which shows that this electoral race has come so close to political violence, if not outright fascism. The right-wing, including paramilitary militias in Florida and other states, have been planning for a civil war for quite some time. Now they have a genuine "excuse" for political violence.

Black capitalism - Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Black Capitalism, by anarchist Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 2001.

Black People Have a Right to Rebel

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin's analysis of the place of the 2001 Cincinnati riots within the history of US urban riots and the struggle against racism.