Lucius Cabins

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Kaiser don't care! SEIU neither! The Kaiser hospitals strike, 1986

Kaiser strikers demonstrate, 1986

An account of the strike against the introduction of a two tier pay system at Kaiser hospitals in California in 1986, including interviews and a discussion with two participants.

Flexing muscles at Flax: Anatomy of service sector organising

Flax store, San Francisco, 2010

Maxine Holz and Lucius Cabins interview two workers at a small art supplies firm in San Francisco about a unionisation attempt in 1986.

The Making of a Bad Attitude: An Abridged History of my Wage Slavery

Tales of toil and occasional termination from offices and stores in San Francisco in the 1970s and 80s by Lucius Cabins for Processed World.

Drugs: A Corrosive Social Cement

Lucius Cabins analyses drug use in contemporary society, and the relationship of the drug industry to the global economy.

The Line You Have Reached... Disconnect It!

Lucius Cabins writes on the 22 day nationwide strike of 700,000 telecoms workers at AT&T in 1983.

Post-mortem on the Blue Shield strike

Processed World analyses the situation at the end of the Blue Shield insurance workers' strike in 1981.

Office workers on strike: San Francisco 1981

Blue Shield strikers on picket duty, North Point Street

A short account of an ongoing strike of Blue Shield clerical workers in San Francisco in 1981, by Lucius Cabins.