Time & casual work

Time operates on casual workers differently and further alienates them from other workers.

Christmas casual work

First of a series of articles about casual work. This one is looking at a Christmas casual job in distribution. Please contact the authors if you have any experiences we can discuss at: malatesta32@gmail.com

Mr Tommy takes a trip!

EDL 'leader' Mr Tommy is gadding about despite being skint.

Walthamstow: The return! Or not

The English Defence League (EDL) have vowed to return to East 17. Oh dear!


Malatesta lays out why anarchism must be gradualist, in the real sense of the word. He describes the designs of anarchy both before and after the revolution, and how desires to destroy must not undermine it. He argues that 'everything in nature and in life changes by degrees, and this is no less true of anarchy. It can only come about little by little'. That if anarchy means perfection it cannot come in one great leap.

'A superb start'? I doubt it!

The EDL claim they are off to a 'superb start.' Antifascists, however, think rather differently.

A Second Letter To Malatesta

In response to A Reply to Makhno

The EDL: 1 Year On

It's 1 year On For The EDL. So What Next For The Cheeky Monkeys!