Maurice Brinton

Factory committees in 1918 - Chris Goodey debates Maurice Brinton

Debates between Trotskyists and libertarians about the Russian Revolution rarely break new ground. But this debate from the 1970s raised many thought-provoking questions that still await satisfactory answers even today.

Solidarity and the neo-narodniks - Solidarity

Solidarity's polemic aimed at Big Flame, following an exchange around the events of the Fisher Bendix occupation.

Portuguese Diary 2: 1976 - Maurice Brinton

A second diary by Maurice Brinton describing some experiences in Portugal during 1976.

Portuguese Diary 1: August 1975 - Maurice Brinton

A diary by Maurice Brinton describing some experiences in Portugal during August 1975.

Review - For Workers Power by Maurice Brinton - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes review of For Workers' Power - The Selected Writings of Maurice Brinton.

Maurice Brinton - 1922-2005 - Red and Black Notes obituary

Red and Black Notes Obituary of British libertarian socialist Maurice Brinton.

Belgian general strike diary, 1960 - Maurice Brinton

Strikers attack scab bus during the general strike

Maurice Brinton's vivid and captivating first hand account of the massive general strike in Belgium in 1960-61 against a new law "loi unique" to reduce workers' purchasing power.

The Commune: Paris 1871 – P. Guillaume and Martin Grainger

P. Guillaume and Martin Grainger, a pseudonym of Maurice Brinton, in Solidarity pamphlet #35, write on the Paris commune of 1871.

The malaise on the left - Maurice Brinton

Maurice Brinton of Solidarity's 1974 critique of the statist left.

Capitalism and socialism - Maurice Brinton

Labour Party poster, 1945.

Maurice Brinton of Solidarity outlines his view of traditional socialists, and libertarian socialists.