Mexican Revolution

The death of Ricardo Flores Magon

A tribute to the Mexican anarchist from a co-worker

The Mexican - Jack London

Jack London's short story about a boxer who prize fights to fund the Mexican revolution.

Land and Liberty

Land and Liberty, a theatrical work by Ricardo Flores Magon, translated by Mitchell Verter

The Magonista Revolt in Tijuana: A Prelude to the San Diego Free Speech Fight

(excerpt from Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See; The New Press: 2003, by Jim Miller) An account of the revolt in Baja Mexico that peaked when the mixed rebel army captured Tijuana. The revolt involved a mix of Mexican anarchists, indigenous scouts and American Wobblies and Socialists.

Zapata of Mexico

Emiliano Zapata

A detailed look at one of the most iconic rebels in history: Emiliano Zapata by Peter E Newell. Chronicles the development of the Mexican revolution in southern Mexico.

La Meksikano Felipe Rivera: Jack London

Rankonto pri la vivo de Felipe Rivera, la Meksikano boksisto kaj revolucia. Skribis per Jack London en 1911 (eldonis en 1913).

La Mahagonciklo: B. Traven

Estas romanoj pri la tempoj antaŭ kaj dum la revolucio de l’ indiĝenoj en Meksiko. Ĉiuj romanoj estas tradukitaj de Hans-Georg & Dorothea Kaiser (Cezar &Donjo).

Volume 6 Issue 11

Issue of Mother Earth from January 1912. Articles by "MB" are written by Max Baginski.