Miners strike 1984-85

Direct Action #18 (September 1984)

Issue #18 of Direct Action, with articles on the miners' strike, an anarcho-syndicalist perspective on the strike, international solidarity with the strike from the CNT, FAU and IWW, police brutality and pressure from social security, solidarity with the strike from Dutch, French and Polish workers, a fundraising single recorded by striking workers in Bradford, the refounding of the USI in Italy, solidarity with Polish workers, a police raid on 121 Bookshop, an occupation of South London Women's Hospital, international news including class struggle in the USSR, a strike at Phillips Rubber in Manchester, and more.

Direct Action #17 (August? 1984)

Issue #17 of Direct Action, with articles on the miners' strike, the involvement of women, the policing of the strike, workers refusing to help with arms sales to Chile, a strike at Barking hospital, the EEPTU union helping Hitachi to push through redundancies, strikes at Austin Rover/Leyland, repression in Cuba, a strike at IG Metall in (West) Germany, reviews of recent DAM pamphlets, Bakunin on co-operatives, the policing of Reagan's visit to London, an apology for issue #16 disappearing, and more.

Striking Stuff - Jean A. Gittins

A collection of poems that were written by a member of Yorkshire Women Against Pit Closures during the 1984-85 miners' strike and read at fundraising benefits around the coalfield. Taken from the 1 in 12 Publications archive.

Class War issue ?? 1984 Victory to the Hit Squads!

A publication produced by Class War during the 1984-85 miners' strike, with the slogans "Victory to the Hit Squads" and "Open Up the Second Front Now". First scanned and made available online by the Sparrow's Nest.

Coal not Dole - The Miners Videotape Project

Videos made by the NUM to counteract the government narrative of the strike. Contains many interviews from rank and file members and supporters from around the UK.

Jenny Tells Her Tale: Stories From the Yorkshire Miners

John Dennis gardening for the strike

Memories of the 1984-5 miners' strike from Jenny Dennis, who was married to a Kiveton Park miner. Covering a range of subjects including the links the strike made with autonomous movements across Europe.
Content note: this text mentions sexual abuse and state violence, and contains some language that would now be considered dated.

E13: Women in the miners’ strike

Women in the miners’ strike.

Episode about the crucial role played by women in the great miners strike in Britain, 1984-5, in conversation with Heather Wood, chair of the Easington women’s strike support group.

Workers Playtime on the miners' strike

WP covers

Slightly too late for the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the 1984-85 miners' strike... Here are all the Workers' Playtime articles about the strike and related issues, with PDF and Kindle versions.

Workers’ Playtime journal

WP "funny" graphic

Online archive of Workers’ Playtime, a more-or-less regular class struggle-oriented journal produced between Feb ’83 and May ’85.

Polmaise: the fight for a pit - John McCormack and Simon Pirani

Polmaise miners

This short book/pamphlet was originally published in 1989. It was written by John McCormack, a miner (and NUM delegate) from the Polmaise pit in Scotland, with the the help of Simon Pirani.