Mohammed Ja'far

The Gulf War as extinction of politics - Muhammad Ja'far

Text from a talk by Muhammad Ja'far about the Iran-Iraq war, which he calls "the Third World's first truly indigenous great war" and lasted from 1980 to 1988.

Iran: Islam and the struggle for socialism - Mohammad Ja'far and Azar Tabari

Interesting article looking critically at the Iranian revolution of 1979 and the mistakes made by the left - both inside Iran and internationally - in supporting the Islamic republic out of 'anti-imperialist' sentiment.

National formation in the Arab region: a critique of Samir Amin - Mohammad Ja'far

Samir Amin.

Text criticising Samir Amin's view on the formation of Arab nations, analysing from a Marxist perspective the construction of Arab nationalism, Islam and the need for working class internationalism in the Middle-East.

Reaching beyond Palestinian Nationalism: Reply to Salim Tamari - Mohammad Ja'far

Mohammad Ja'far's criticism of the idea that the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (and Palestinian nationalism more generally) can bring genuine liberation to the Palestinian working class.

The Arab ruling classes in the 1970s - Mohammad Ja'far

Text of a talk by Mohammed Ja'far on the development of the Arab ruling classes during the 1960s and 1970s, their integration into the world market and the effect this has on the possibility for revolutionary change in the Middle-East.

The ideological divide in the Palestinian Resistance Movement - Mohammed Ja'far

A critical assessment of the two mainstream currents inside the Palestinian Resistance Movement.