Platformism Without Illusions: An Interview with the Workers Solidarity Movement (2003)

An interview with the Workers Solidarity Movement, conducted by the US-based Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists in 2003. This interview was reprinted by Freedom News to mark the group's dissolution.

Operation Sold Out II: The Failed General Strike in British Columbia in 2004 – Paul Finch

Operation Sold Out II: The Failed General Strike in British Columbia in 2004 – P

This essay, on the brewing general strike that nearly erupted across British Columbia in 2004 but ultimately failed, looks at what brought on the strike, how the strike caught steam then crumbled, and the lessons we can learn moving forward. It was published in the Northeastern Anarchist (#10, Spring/Summer 2005) – the English-language magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC).

Fire the boss! NEFAC and anarchists in the labour movement

A pamphlet published in early 2011 by the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (now Common Struggle) detailing their workplace strategy and analysis of previous labor struggles many of their members were directly involved in organizing.

The strike of the general assembly: an interview with Nicolas Phebus

A 2005 interview with Nicolas Phebus of the Collectif Anarchiste La Nuit (NEFAC-Quebec City) reflecting on the Québec student movement and its mobilization in the Spring of 2005 against cuts to education funding by the ruling Liberal Party under Jean Charest. Conducted by Aidan Conway and published in the second issue of the journal Upping the Anti.

Practical platformism: revolutionary cadre organisation

A member of Common Struggle-Libertarian Communist Federation assesses the NEFAC-Bring the Ruckus debate on organization of 2002.

Neither Washington Nor Stowe: Common Sense for the Working Vermonter

Latest edition written in 2007, Neither Washington Nor Stowe explores what anarchist-communism means for Vermont. It makes the case for revolutionary class struggle Anarchism in our region and what a revolutionary Vermont could look like.

International Statement of Solidarity With Cuban Anti-Authoritarians: You Are Not Alone

Statement in support of Cuban Anti-Authoritarian/Horizontalist organizers, workers, activists, artists, musicians y mas in Cuba. Scroll down to see current list of endorsements and the original statement in Spanish.

The history of NEFAC in Quebec-city (2001-2008)

A summary of NEFAC's activity in Quebec City, from a participant.

Egypt unrest: Interview with an Egyptian anarchist

An e-mail interview with Nidal Tahrir of the Black Flag Egyptian anarchist group about the uprising.

Nature of the period: background and perspectives (NEFAC)

A short statement adopted by NEFAC, for the purposes of discussion, on the current economic situation.