New School

Interviews with organizers: Canada’s postal struggles & the New School occupation

Two interviews with organizers in recent struggles.

The battle to take back the New School

An article on the New School reoccupation of 2009 and the relation to student protests elsewhere.

FAQ: New School reoccupation

A set of frequently asked questions (and answers) on the New School reoccupation of 2009.

New School disorientation guide

A pamphlet for new students at New School.

This just read off the roof: anti-capitalism at the New School

A speech critiquing capitalist society and how it relates to university life.

Preoccupied: the logic of occupation

A January 2009 pamphlet on student occupations in New York.

The New School occupation: perspectives on the takeover of a building

A pamphlet on the December 2008 New School occupation.

Reflections on the New School occupation - Arya Zahedi

Arya Zahedi takes analyzes the All-City Student Occupation at The New School in NYC.