Reflections on the Student Movement in the UK

In 2010 the announcement by the Coalition government that university tuition fees would be tripled sparked a wave of student protest. Remaining largely within the confines of the campus, the movement exhausted itself and failed to spread to other sectors. Nine years later, what’s left?

Communique for an absent NUS

Communique for an absent NUS

A call for autonomous struggle, and to smash the National Union of Students.

Educate, disempower, destroy

The Imaginary Party on the NUS, the prospects for higher education and students and how the latter can organise around their material interests.

The TUC collaborate with the Met to sew up October 20

On October 20 2012, the TUC is hosting another national march and rally in London. Like the one on March 26 last year, it is likely to be a big event. Like then, too, it is likely to be a way for the trade unions to have their members let off steam without being too radical. But it looks like the lessons of last time are being learned, as the TUC is taking pre-emptive steps to avoid a repeat of last year's "trouble."

The Manchester protest against Aaron Porter was not anti-Semitic!

The unsubtantiated claims of anti-semitic abuse directed towards Aaron Porter in the press masks the real story - that of the growing gulf between students and their "leaders".

NUS: What Now?, 1976 - Social Revolution

An article from the 1970s about the National Union of Students which can still be relevant for today.

"Hardcore troublemaker" anarchist group laughs off Millbank blame game

Solidarity Federation, which helped organise the Radical Workers' and Students Bloc at the NUS/UCU education march derides "absurd and patronising" attempts to blame it for damage at Tory HQ - and calls for increasing direct action against cuts.

THE NUS – OUTSIDE and AGAINST reformist student organising

A contribution from the Autonomous Student’s Network on the inherent problems with student organising within hierarchical union structures and on some alternatives for militant student/worker organisation.

The battle of Millbank and occupation at Manchester University

A personal account of the NUS demonstration against fees and education cuts on the 10th November 2010, the occupation of Millbank tower, and the occupation of Manchester University's finance department. Originally written for The Commune by Mark Harrison.

Great protest, shame about the 'despicable minority' – NUS leaders

The student storming of the Tory headquarters in London was a spontaneous, mass action, proving the complete irrelevance of ‘student leaders’.